Photo Shoot: Rarotonga in the Cook Islands

Rarotonga Cook Islands

One of my all time favorite destinations is the Cook Islands. The country’s main isle is called Rarotonga, and a central hub for airlines dropping off their eager, sun craving passengers.

The Cooks are comprised of fifteen islands, situated in the heart of the Pacific, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. If I could describe its vibe, I’d have to say it’s a melding of all the islands of Oceana– a mix of Hawaii, Fiji, and Tahiti, all rolled into the Cooks.

It’s chill. You’ll mostly find Aussies and Kiwis on holiday, some on honeymoons, others with family, and although there may be singles around, this isn’t your party destination.

Visitors come for crystal-clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and year-round warm weather. The locals are as beautiful in their essence, as the isles they live on. They say it’s the Kia Orana spirit, and after a week of traveling through the islands, I believe it to be true.

Of course being an island, fresh fish abounds for delicious island fare, and as you might expect, fresh coconuts drilled for their juice are sold virtually everywhere.

“Raro” town boasts nightlife. If you’re expecting Waikiki Beach revelry, it’s more low-key than that. A lot more casual and laid back. However, it offers bar-hopping on a party bus (book ahead), to listening to a local band at a restaurant lounge or heading out to a nightclub on the water.

Shopping is also fun. An outdoor marketplace offers up everything from local goods and tourista-kitsch to artisans and pearl divers selling their loot. Traditional stores are in downtown Raro, too.

For more information check out: Cook Islands Tourism

And to view video of Rarotonga, click here.

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