ONLY In AMERICA series: Swaggy Goes Hollywood

Swag from Swaggy Squad
Swaggy Dog on

This is more of a commentary about Los Angeles, than a story about a dog, named Swaggy aka “Swaggy Doo”– his Hollywood name.

I was in the grocery store recently in my home town, which I call base camp. I am never home long enough to actually grocery shop, but as it is, some travel has canceled last minute and I found myself needing to fill my fridge.

I headed to my local grocery store, where at the checkout line, I spy a gorgeous Husky, with pink accents. Part of me wants to act jaded, and pretend to not notice this pink-eared dog next to me.

I couldn’t help myself, and his keeper was super friendly, chatting it up with everyone around. I saw my in, and asked if I could take a photo of Swaggy. (pictured)

After speaking to his keeper, I learn the dog is an actor. His name is Swaggy Dog, he has a successful Youtube Channel (Swaggy Squad, and he is dyed pink in strategic places for his next video.

“He was professionally dyed,” says his keeper.

I also learned, that as a pup, Swaggy became famous for being able to say, “I love you,” garnering a ton of views, his video becoming a viral sensation.

Ok, so I know I should be surprised. I’m from L.A. and in the entertainment business, and so nothing should phase me at this point. Right?

Los Angeles is the place where people (and apparently dogs) come to live their lives without commentary, without prejudice, and the way they want to enjoy it outrageously sometimes.

I guess I’ve been traveling the world too long. I’ve seen more normalcy, if you can call it that, in other cities, states, and countries. So, coming back to L.A. and spending any good amount of time here, I realize, “Darn, I live in a weird place!”

Weird and wonderful.

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