Nevis: Yes Please

I’m Stef, better known as the Founder of Adventure Girl! I’ve been lucky enough to work with the island of Nevis, after having visited there pre-covid.

In this Q and A, I answer Nevis’ questions about it was like experiencing this incredible isle in the Caribbean.

NEVIS: How was your experience serving as an Ambassador?

STEF: I absolutely fell in love with Nevis, when I visited a couple of years ago. When the opportunity came to represent the island, I jumped at it, because there are so many memories I can share with my online friends, and also pass along how wonderful a locale it is. It’s been a great adventure for sure!

NEVIS: Anything you would suggest we do differently?

STEF: I’d say nothing! Everything is pure perfection in regard to anything Nevis. 

NEVIS: What were some of the highlights of the year?

STEF: Photos. I love the visuals that people shared online. It brought me right back there on the island, feet in the sand, the smell of the flowers, the sounds of the sea. For so many stuck at home, I’m sure it was a nice reprieve from the days of covid, and not being able to travel. I mean, in Nevis, it’s so picturesque, you can’t snap a bad photo, either!

NEVIS: How can we make the program better?

STEF: I’m not sure how it can get any better. It’s been an honor working with the other ambassadors, the team on island. 

NEVIS: Any cool interactions with your followers you wish to share?

STEF: I would get feedback on how beautiful the island is, and how people wanted to get there as soon as Covid ended. They were adding it to their bucket lists.

NEVIS: What do you enjoy most about the destination?

STEF: EVERYTHING!!! The people are so wonderful, loved the vibe of the isle–you could be as busy as you like or as chill as you prefer. The food is fantastic, the places to stay are diverse and lovely, the beaches are amazing. I feel it’s got everything for anyone.

NEVIS: One fun fact you learned about the destination?

STEF: How many cute animals roam around the island. I wasn’t aware how they head out for their own adventures and then know where to go back home. How amazing is that! Too cute!

NEVIS: Your most memorable moment?

STEF: My first sunset on the island. The colors are absolutely stunning!

NEVIS: What activity are you looking forward to experiencing on a visit to Nevis?

STEF: Absolutely chilling on the beach when I get there, grabbing a spa treatment, some snorkeling of course, too!

NEVIS: If you had to sum up Nevis in three words, what would those be?

STEF: Perfection, Beauty, Foodie