Hotel Review: The Wallhouse Hotel in Ohio’s Amish Country

Hotel Review The Wall House

by Shanna F. Jones

Deep in the heart of Amish country in Ohio’s farmlands, the Wallhouse Hotel stands out against the landscape. Modern decor, technologically advanced facilities and contemporary comfort, the Wallhouse is not your typical Amish country lodgings by any means. Situated in the quaint village of Walnut Creek, the charms of Amish country are on the hotel doorstep.


Since 1827, Walnut Creek has been an important farming village in Holmes County. The village started off with just one resident, Jonas Stutzman, who moved from Somerset County and built a log cabin for his family. The Stutzmans were devout Amish and the village they founded has since become part of one of the three largest Amish settlements in the USA.


Even today, the Amish and Mennonite community in Northeast Ohio live in their traditional ways. All around Holmes County, visitors can see local people going about their days in horses and traps, by bicycle and on foot. The locals dress in traditional modest dress and they don’t tend to use phones or cars and barn raising is a great form of community and entertainment. The Anabaptist people in Northeastern Ohio are far from unfriendly, and far from unwelcoming of tourists. The Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center in Millersburg is open to the public and the Amish themselves gladly talk openly about the customs of religion and culture with guests and the beautiful behalt mural tells the story of the anabaptist religions in full technicolor.

Situated nearby to the Heritage Center, Heini’s Cheese Chalet, Coblentz Chocolate and Breitenbach wine cellars, the Wallhouse hotel is in the ideal location to explore Amish country. The hotel features 62 spacious rooms and suites, a fully equipped gym, a conference centre, a boardroom for hire, a hot tub and a swimming pool.

The rooms feature pillow top mattresses, flat screen TVs, free wifi, coffee and tea making facilities, blackout curtains and ‘Whisper Design’ technology, which means unwanted noise from outside the room is kept to a minimum. The hotel prides itself on cleanliness (which I’m glad to say is upheld in actuality.) The complimentary breakfast is hot and offers plenty of variety from bacon to biscuits and not to mention the fun omelette maker.

The hotel decor is fresh and modern, with bright colours contrasting against striking silver ornaments. When the weather is good the terrace is a relaxing place to sit and watch the fire pit while enjoying al fresco drinks at sunset.

Shanna Felicia

Shanna is a British freelance journalist covering travel and international human rights. She craves the freedom of hiking and camping in the rain just as much as the luxury of silky hotel sheets. Follow her on Twitter: @ShannaFelicia