The Girl Scout Cocktail Recipe

The Girl Scout cocktail by

Sons & Daughters (85 Tenth Avenue) is just weeks old and already is creating a lot of buzz in the cocktail world with their yummy drink, called The Girl Scout cocktail.

Sons & Daughters was created by New Yorkers for New Yorkers and guests to our town.  Every Partner, Chef, Bartender and staff member is a Son or Daughter of New York, either by birth or by choice. The signature sense of family, welcoming spirit, undeniable taste and steadfast pride of a true New Yorker is reflected in every detail of the Sons & Daughters menu, design and experience.

The Girl Scout cocktail was created by Tim Cooper (previously of Death & Co.) and this playful drink is topped with a Thin Mint cookie for every adult Son & Daughter to enjoy.

The Makings:

  • 1oz Fords
  • 0.75 oz Branca Menta
  • 0.75 oz Marie Brizarrd Crème de Cacao
  • 0.75 oz Lime juice
  • 5-7 pieces of Mint

Let’s Mix it!

Add all ingredients to the tin. Add 10 pieces of pellet ice. Whip Shake. Dump all ingredients into the glass. Top with a mound of pellet ice.


Mint bouquet & Thin Mint cookie


Dbl rocks w/ pellet ice

Bar Counter:

Individual serving.