Eco-Friendly Footwear for Summer 

Patriotic Season is upon us and it’s fun to celebrate our country by showing off our Red, White and Blue spirit!  Enter the JC Patriotic Sandal by NOMADIC STATE of MIND footwear!
Nomadic State of Mind (NSM) footwear are a relaxed and causal addition for summer, with their eco-friendly sandal, which comes in a variety of colors. What’s also a perk of wearing them– they are GREEN & ECO FRIENDLY! (although at the moment, they do not come in the color green!).
It’s a thing for fashionistas to seek out vegan, hand made, and socially responsible styles, and these sandals, handbags, yoga mat carriers, and water bottle carriers are all from recycled and reused rope. They fill all the social buckets needed to please the stylish and socially responsible.
Pair them with a sundress, skirt or jean shorts for hot days.  For guys, choose a cargo short, and vintage rock-band tee, and you’re on point for this season’s fashion picks.

Not only does NSM put material conservation first, they also put job creation and keeping debris out of landfills as top priorities for the company.