Coachella Music Fest: “No’s” to “Ok’s” & FAQ’s


Each year colleagues and friends take off and head to one of the world’s best and biggest music festivals, the always sold out Coachella Music Festival in Coachella Valley, California.

Where is Coachella? (ko-CHEL-a, ko-a-CHEL-a) is a city in Riverside County, California, or better known to locals as Indio, California- smack dab in the middle of the desert, and near famed sister city, Palm Springs.


It’s hot, it’s musical line-up is even hotter, and if you were one of the lucky ones to score a ticket, well- you’re one of those lucky ones that will partake in the sounds of some of the best indy artists ombined wtih mainstream music offered today.

Each year, event producers, setting out to add safety to their line-up, have a list no-no’s on site, as well as FAQ’s. We’ve compiled them here.

So, be safe… heed the list… and, while you lucky one’s head out to that dry desert, once in a lifetime experience, think of we lowly non-badge holders sitting at home around the world… wishing we were there with you!

NO Musical Instruments (especially drums!!!)
NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
NO Chains / Chain Wallets
NO Blankets
NO Outside Food & Bev
NO Camelpacks
NO Tents
NO Flags
NO Tailgating in Parking Lots
NO Refunds Or Exchanges or Cancellations
NO Chairs
NO Video Cameras
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Bota Bags
NO Professional Cameras
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Pets
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

OK Backpacks (medium)
OK Hats
OK Sun Block
OK Lighters
OK Cell Phones
OK Sunglasses
OK Cigarettes
OK Small Beach Towel
OK All Ages Welcome
OK Ins & Outs
OK Ages 5 & Under Free
OK Fanny Packs
OK Digital Cameras
OK Disposable Cameras
OK Film Cameras


Doors open at 11am
Rain or Shine
DAY Parking is free
Everyone is required to have their wristband on at all times including the entrances to parking.
Line up/set times subject to change
Everyone subject to search upon entry
Be nice, have fun

More info to know…

What’s the best time to arrive?

Definitely arrive several hours earlier to be on the safe side. CARPOOL, CARPOOL, CARPOOL!!! Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to not obey all festival signage and staff.

What time does it end?

The festival usually ends around 12:30am-ish.

Will Coachella be posting set times in advance?

Yes. Set times will be posted here a couple days before the festival/festival guide that is passed out upon entrance.

How hot will it get in the day and how cold will it get at night?

Weather for Coachella Valley’s forecast information.

What charity is the money going to? Who are they?

Please visit our Charity page for complete information.

How do I submit for the ART Festival?

Sorry we are not taking art submissions.

I’m a photographer. Who do I arrange a photo pass through?

Please use the press email address on the Contact Info page for inquiries.

What happens if I lose or break my festival wristband?

Ouch, if you lose it or tamper with your wristband, you will have to buy another one (if there are any left)! If your wristband accidentally breaks or is damaged, please immediately return to the nearest entrance gate (tollbooth) and ask for customer service.

What do I wear?

It’s all about getting “boho chic” and finding your inner unicorn that you can reflect onto your outfits. See this video below for ideas.

I am going to the festival but not camping on site. CAN I PARTAKE in all the cool stuff going on in the campgrounds?

If you find another way to arrive (Lyft/shuttle/bike/walk/float/swim) and are wearing your festival pass, you are more than welcome. Onsite camping is the best option to never miss a moment of the fun! party.

Are there any places to rent a bicycle near by?

You should check HERE .

I have a Medical Marijuana Card and medicate daily. cool?

Sorry, Medical Marijuana Cards are not valid at Coachella.



What Can I Bring?…

Can I bring an umbrella to block the sun?

Sorry no, those block the view of other festival goers.

What about bringing in my medical prescription? example: Diabetic insulin?

You should identify yourselves to security while waiting to enter the venue. Security will locate the medical folks adjacent to the main entrance, and they will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for diabetics. ALL Medical prescriptions and accompanying names on those containers will need to match the person’s proper ID. Medical related items (food included) may be brought in provided a proper dr. note and / or prescription detailing the necessity of the item is onsite and available.

Can I bring in eye drops for my contact lenses?

Yes, but they need to be in a marked container.

Can I bring a water squirt gun or mister?

Sorry, these will not be allowed into the venue, though there might be some mister fans available for purchase onsite.

Can I bring Chapstick?

Yes. Make sure it has Sunscreen in it too!

Are strollers allowed into the venue?

Yes if it is for an infant/toddler.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan food offered?


Will there be flushable toilets and sinks available?


Will there be ATMs?

Yes, both inside the venue and all around the event / camping grounds plus clearly marked on the festival guide.

Will there be lockers on site?

There are a very limited amount of lockers available for rent. Get there early and leave valuables behind at your room.

Will there be a Lost & Found? (Lost keys, cell phones, etc.)

Yes, there will be a Lost & Found booth which might be clearly marked on the festival guide, or hopefully at least the booth itself will be clearly marked. We have a kick ass Lost & Found. Please try to put your contact info in your phone and take a picture of your contact info for your camera in case you lost those things. You can inquire with lost/found after the festival by emailing Please describe your lost item in detail. Pics are usually posted later too.

Will there be First Aid on site?

Yes. First Aid stations will be on site, clearly visible to find, and clearly marked on the festival guide.

Will there be a Mist tent?

Maybe.. wander around to see. There for sure will be various shaded structures.

Water? And/or how much is water?

Bottled water will be sold at numerous vendor locations. Also there will be water fountains. Yes you can bring an empty refillable bottle.

Will there be a sunglasses / visors or hats / sunscreen sold?

Yes, there will be booths on site with those items.

Will there be a festival map available ahead of time so we can see which bands will be at which stages/tent areas? And see locations of food courts, bathroom areas?

Yes. It will be posted a couple days before the festival. It will also be on the festival guide being passed out upon entrance. LINE UP SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

What’s the deal with parking?

There will be plenty of parking adjacent to the festival grounds. Day parking is free. YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE PARKING LOTS WITHOUT ALL PASSENGERS IN YOUR VEHICLE HAVING THEIR FESTIVAL PASS ON THEIR WRIST! NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no overnight parking allowed except for onsite campers. Everyone planning to park needs to have their festival pass on upon arrival. Did we already mention that?

Will there be wifi?

Yes. Check with your cell provider as well to see about hotspots.


Where can I buy passes? I don’t have a credit card to use online/phone?

Take your cash to a grocery store and purchase a prepaid credit card to use.

Will there be passes sold at the event?

No passes will be sold at the venue. Period.

Is a 3-day pass three separate tickets?

No. It is one wristband that is good for the entire weekend. Void if removed or tampered with.



Camping & Hotels

Every hotel is sold out. What can I do?

Don’t give up.
Try expedia, travelocity, orbitz, etc.
And, there’s always Airbnb and to check out.

For more information check out Coachella Music Festival website.