Biggest Ice Cream Sundae in the World

Biggest Ice Cream Sundae

What has 22-scoops of ice cream?

Masks as an ice cream sundae?

Is filled with strawberries, cake and waffles?

Weighs at least 20 pounds (give or take a few based off of who makes it)?

The cost is $87.00?

And you have to fly to Thailand to get one?

You got it. It’s the Mo & Moshi‘s Strawberry Sundae, called the Strawberry Supreme!

So, how would one go about finding the “biggest sundae in the world?” Head to Bangkok’s food court in the Siam Center, called Food Republic.

What’s actually in this eye-popping dessert? We all ready know it has 22 scoops of ice-cream, ask them if they can modify it to taste of course. Added in to the mix are pink Pocky Sticks, mini-waffles, cake balls and strawberries.

(See our Adventure Girl challenge video below)…

Check out our Adventure Girl challenge video! Yep, we made it bigger and even better with chocolate!


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