Become a Surfer Girl in San Diego, California

Girl Surfing

by Stefanie Michaels

Do you love the sand, sea and adventures? Have you always been interested in learning how to surf, but didn’t know where to go? Then this girl’s surf school in San Diego, California is for you.

Surf Diva! is a school for women owned by twin sisters Izzy and Coco Tihanyi. They created the surf center to empower others through surfing, with SUP lessons and camps in La Jolla, California and Costa Rica.

What started out as an all girls surf school back in 1996, co-founder Izzy was told she was crazy to start a school for women. She battled comments such as, “chicks don’t surf” but, Izzy was about to prove them wrong.

Twenty-one years later, SurfDiva has become the largest school on the West Coast. It also has an international presence in the global community.

Wanna be and advanced surfers alike can book private surf lessons, or group and corporate team building offerings.

Not only are these sisters surf divas, they are also sought after speakers. Recently, they published a book, called Surf Diva, A Girl’s Guide to Getting Good Waves, which to date, has sold over 30,000 copies.

For more information, check out Surf Diva Surf School

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