8Great: Odd Facts about America


America. With over 322 million people packed into 50 States, there’s bound to be some interesting facts about it. We’ve rounded up what we consider to be pretty interesting and odd factoids about the US of A!

1. Ye’ Old, Ye’ Old

The U.S. Census Bureau (as of the beginning of 2016) estimated the U.S. population to be 322,762,018. One in 10 Americans, quite possibly could be a blood relative to any of the first 102 pilgrims who came in 1620 on the Mayflower. That’s over 32 million pilgrims!

2. When he was 17…

Our 50-starred American flag was created in 1958 for a high school project by seventeen year old, Robert G. Heft. Heft cut pieces of an old flag from his grandparents into a masterpiece. Albeit, his history teacher, Stanley Pratt wasn’t so impressed and handed Heft a B- for his creative endeavor. Once the flag was chosen by the United States Congress, teacher Stanley rethought Heft’s grade.

3. Flying pie tins, Batman!

College students began using the empty pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut for a toss game. With their products literally flying out the door, Walter Morrison and Warren Franscioni found a way to capitalize on this new trend. In 1948, they offered a free plastic version toy, dubbed the Flyin’ Saucer aka the Pluto Platter Flying Saucer, after an alleged UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico. Wham-O founders licensed the item, renaming it the Frisbee.

4. Pre-Paid Postal

In the early days of the U.S. Post Office, recipients often times had to pay for postage on the letters and packages they received. This caused a costly dilemma for the postal service, as most mail was refused. Enter 1847, and the invention of pre-paid postage stamps.

5. Mama-Mia, that’s a-lott-a!

Pizza—flat-a bread-a with cheese-a and tomato-sauce-a. Italy’s biggest export to America, has become so much a part of US culture, that over 100 acres of pizza are served nationwide each day.

6. Stanky

We’re not sure we can believe this odd USA factoid, but according to Econintersect.com, 7% of Americans claim they do not bathe. Um, ew!

7. $Apple$

Apple has more operating cash than the U.S. Treasury.

8. LOL, no, seriously…

Please don’t do this to your child. Apparently, there are more than 97 people named “LOL” in the USA via names/whitepages.com. All we can say is LOL!


Photo: Silicon/fr