8Great: Instagram Influencers I Follow


by Brooke Constance White

Everyone wants to have a curated, eye-catching Instagram, amirite? It takes some effort, trial and error and sometimes your dinner gets cold because you’re setting up the perfect shot. One of the best ways to get good at the ‘gram is to see what others are doing. There’s nothing wrong with emulating another’s style but be sure to let your own personality and brand shine through. Here’s 8 great Instagrammers to follow for inspiration.

Song of Style Instagram

 1. @songofstyle

Aimee Song’s perfectly curated fashion blog-esque grid gets more than four million views a month and she’s partnered with major companies such as Laura Mercier, Bloomingdales, Lacoste and many others to create sponsored posts. To learn all her secrets, read her book “Capture Your Style.”

2. @lucylaucht

If you follow Lucy Rose Laucht, you’ll get serious wanderlust looking at her gorgeous images from Positano, Italy to Sydney, Australia to Hawaii. She’s rarely in the photos but instead captures architecture and natural beauty. To see some of the moments in between, follow her other account @theseforeignlands.

Lucy Lauct Instagram
Mary Lauren Instagram

3. @marylauren

This gorgeous mama, Mary Lauren, has a blog called Headed Somewhere and online store called @sugarhousesupply. Her son Ezra and husband Clay make appearances on her lifestyle grid often and no surprise, they’re just as gorgeous as her. Once you’re done scrolling through at her feed, check out her sister-in-law’s grid @taylorgolden.

4. @shutthekaleup

If you’re more into fitness/foodie ‘grammers, check Jeannette Ogden’s colorful page out. She’ll have you drooling  in no time at the gorgeous bowls she makes for just about every meal. Her Insta-stories are fun and she has good taste in music! She radiates positive vibes and seems in love with life. #lifegoals


ShuttheKaleUp Instagram
Kyle Dempsey Instagram

5. @kylefinndempsey

This blogger lives in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts and has a breathtaking feed of his gorgeous cabin in the woods. We’d all go camping more often if we could live like that! He should put the cabin up on a Airbnb and add a photography lesson in there – I’d pay big money to have a grid like his.


6. @ihavethisthingwithfloors

Everyone has stood on pretty floors and taken a photo of their feet, right? Well, in case you didn’t know, there’s an account that draws from photos with the hashtag of the same name. Their grid is full of selfeets (ha! Get it?!) that anyone can do if you find the right floor.

Ihaveathingwithfloors Instagram
Minimilist Baker Instagrammer

7. @minimalistbaker

Dana Shultz is a genius in the kitchen and behind the lens. Her recipes, mostly plant-based and gluten-free, always looks amazing, so much so that you want to go cook it immediately and try and it make it look as pretty as hers. Well, we can always try.

8. @thebeyoutybureau

This gorgeous babe is a makeup maestro and has gorgeous selfies with different looks along with flat lays featuring her favs. Not only that but in her stories, she does step by step how-tos so you can see how she got each look.

Photos provided by Instagrammers


brooke-constance-Bio: Brooke Constance White is a freelance writer/blogger living in coastal Rhode Island. She’s a lover of cooking, traveling, gardening, reading and swimming in the ocean and has written for Eating Well Magazine, the Edible Communities, Patch, among others. Follow her adventures on her Instagram @brookiecw.