Eco-Fashionistas: Got Soul Flip Flops?

Eco-Fashionistas: Got Soul Flip Flops?

EarthLoveI happened across a TV show one night about small businesses looking for investors in their companies. They had to stand in front of several “sharks”/investors and pitch their products.

One company caught my attention, and the woman who believes in all good things come from Positive Energy Transfer (PET). With that- I jumped to the website to find some pretty cool trinkets.

Soul’s Calling was founded by President Gina Cotroneo in Dallas in 2004. The company creates and markets a “fashion-with-a-purpose” accessory and gift line.

I simply love the recycled flip flops. Cute, Stylish and a “PET” message worth wearing. The soles boast indentations, which when walking on a soft sand surface share the words, “Love” and “Earth”… try a pair on for size and let the positive energy trail behind you…

You can find them at Soul’s Calling:

Available in Women and Men sizes

$22.00 US