Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast to Host 2013 Adventure Race Qualifying Competition

Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast to Host 2013 Adventure Race Qualifying Competition


San Jose, COSTA RICA (April 19, 2012) – For the third consecutive year, Costa Rica will host a qualifying competition for the Adventure Racing World Series from April 21-28 in the coastal cities of Puntarenas and Guanacaste. This is the only qualifying competition in Latin America, which will culminate in a world championship in France this September. The competition will consist of several different adventure activities including mountain biking, hiking, sea kayaking, rafting, canopying and canyoning, among others. Furthermore, in order to offset CO2 emissions related to the competition, teams will plant trees and partake in other environmentally-friendly activities throughout the race.

“Adventure tourism is one of the main activities for visitors to Costa Rica,” commented Ireth Rodriguez, deputy director of marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board. “Seventy-two percent of tourists that travel to Costa Rica participate in adventure-related activities such as kayaking, surfing, rafting and bungee jumping, positioning us as a leader in this segment,” she continued.

The 2012 Costa Rica Adventure Race is comprised of 18 competing teams from countries such as France, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark,  Italy, and, of course, Costa Rica. The teams will participate in a 326 mile trek through rural, populated and inaccessible areas throughout Puntarenas and Guanacaste, with the winning team being granted a $6,000 prize and an invitation to the finals in France. The team that comes in second place will win $3,000 in prize money, while the third place team will be awarded a prize of $1,000.

The Adventure Race World Series is comprised of 11 qualifying competitions around the world, where competitors race non-stop for up to eight days at a time. Costa Rica’s Northern Zone and Caribbean Coast were home to qualifying competitions in 2010 and 2011, respectively. In 2013, Costa Rica will host the Adventure Race World Championship between October and November, where 90 teams from over 30 countries from around the world will participate. Costa Rica was chosen for being a quality tourist destination with exuberant nature, an optimum tourism infrastructure and its sustainability practices. It didn’t hurt that the country is a long-time supporter of the race and host to three qualifying competitions from 2010-2012.

“It’s such an honor for Costa Rica to be selected as the host of the 2013 Adventure Race World Championship,” commented Ireth Rodriguez, deputy director of marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board. “Being chosen as the host city for such a prestigious international event showcases the country as a premiere adventure destination,” she continued.

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