AG Celebrity Spotlight: Bryce Dallas Howard

bryce dallas howard

by Stefanie Michaels

Bryce Dallas Howard– American film actress, director, producer, writer and Broadway star. When she’s not on the set or stage, she looks forward to time off to relax and recharge.

One Bryce’s favorite places to holiday is New Zealand, land of beauty, ruggedpeaks, stunning fjords, and chocked full of adventures.

For Bryce Dallas Howard, her first visit to “NZ” was when she was just five years old. She had an instant connection to the land, and describes her travels there as “an almost spiritual experience.”

With its stunning alpine beauty and ever-growing list of activities, places such as Queenstown is one of the most popular tourist resorts. Situated on the south island, it’s also place to start exploring the Otago and Fiordland areas– less touristy and more adventurous.

There’s also the northern tip of Lake Wakatipu and town of Glenorchy, the place to visit the Dart River. Mt Aspiring National Park, is a wilderness of peaked mountains,  river valleys and ancient forests, which are part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Site.

Bryce shares her special moments with AG readers as she revisits her New Zealand favorite destinations.

AG: You’re from a famous Hollywood family (Bryce’s father is actor/director Ron Howard), which means you must have traveled from location to location with your Dad. What kind of memories did travel make?

BDH: “From my childhood, I remember this moment of being in total awe of your surroundings and waking up to something much, much bigger than you ever thought possible. I have been chasing that feeling ever since.”

AG: You’ve been all over the globe, so what makes New Zealand unique?

BDH: “What’s so great is that every time I come back, there is more to explore. Even in a place like Queenstown where I’ve been several times, you can always discover new places close by that take your breath away.”

AG: Where is your favorite place of getting away from it all when visiting NZ?

BDH: “The Funyak on the Dart River is amazing. The surrounding mountains, the silence, and the water everything is just so pure, raw and untouched. It’s fitting that there’s actually a place here named Paradise.”

AG:  You’ve been to NZ several times, what brings you back for more?

BDH: “When I came to New Zealand, not only the first time or the second time or the third time, but every time I come to New Zealand there’s this feeling of transcendence.”

AG: Do you find that there’s more conservation and preservation in NZ?

BDH: “I think what it is, is that there’s a respect for the planet here and Mt Aspiring National Park is a perfect example of that.”

AG: What part of the islands remind you most of a movie set?

BDH: “Doubtful Sound is like a place that only exists in movies, but it’s real. Fiordland National Park is definitely one of the most incredible places on this planet.”

AG: When is the best time to holiday in NZ?

BDH: “Autumn is a great time to visit New Zealand. In the fall, the leaves are such an incredible color and the small towns are even more charming.”


Photos: Julian Apse/NZ Tourism

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