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White House Tweetreach

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White House Tweetreach

Michaels has worked with the White House for two Presedential initiatives on Education. The first being #StudyAbroadBecause to help garner exposure for overseas educational programs. Within a 7 hour timespan during the event, Michaels hit over 12 million in exposure for this initiative.

Michaels was invited back to the White House in May 2015 to work with #StarttheSpark—Working with the President’s message to focus on lifting women and young entrepreneurs, and his call to action to invest in global emerging entrepreneurs leading up to his trip to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya July 2015. The event was an hour long. Michaels pushed 31,407,149 million in exposure for this initiative.


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Stefanie Michaels, known to millions of fans across the world as “Adventure Girl®,” is the go-to-girl for all things travel, entertainment, and lifestyle. Michaels’ passion for travel started when her parents took her on her first flight at 6 months old. Since then, life has been about adventure for Michaels, who lives by the mantra: [...]

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ABOUT US About Us As “Adventure Girl,” Stefanie Michaels, our founder, is the main voice on adventuregirl.com, but she can only do so much as one often-on-the-road, travel-happy woman. In order to get more scoops on prime hotel snoozing, top restaurant taste-testing, unique small town and big city touring, and sharp celebrity insight, Stefanie’s team [...]

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