Stef Interviews Deepak

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When Michaels interviewed Deepak Chopra for his latest book launch, Michaels helped bring 98,038,0274 impressions in less than 12 hours to the hashtag #Deepaklive.

With just one tweet with the Dalai Lama, Michaels and her Adventure Girl Twitter account garnered and impressive 7.7 million in exposure!

Stef Interviews Deepak


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ABOUT US About Us As “Adventure Girl,” Stefanie Michaels, our founder, is the main voice on adventuregirl.com, but she can only do so much as one often-on-the-road, travel-happy woman. In order to get more scoops on prime hotel snoozing, top restaurant taste-testing, unique small town and big city touring, and sharp celebrity insight, Stefanie’s team [...]

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