Baur Au Lac’s Terrasse Lounge- Hot Spot? “Ooh yes!”

Baur Au Lac’s Terrasse Lounge- Hot Spot? “Ooh yes!”


I’m back in Zurich this week. I LOVE this pristine city in Switzerland. When I got the call to experience Swiss Air’s new Airbus A 340 plane and San Francisco to Zurich route, I jumped at the chance to come back to one of my world favorites and a couple day stay at Baur Au Lac!

Baur Au Lac is nothing short of spectacular. I’ve written about the hotel in the past, even included it for my Valentine’s round-up piece last February, but if I had thought it couldn’t get better, well, it did!

Opened last month is their new Terrasse Lounge and bar, which is so uber-chic, complete with Ferrari and Bentley owners allowed to park strategically in front of its entrance, sets the scene for some of Zurich’s most elite people watching.

I sat down with our intrepid group of journalists at six o’clock, sipped sparkling wine and took it all in oh-so-happily, because… this is when Zurich’s newest hot spot at its best.


Daily from 10:00 am- midnight (summer only)


Baur Au Lac

Tearrasse Lounge and Bar


Ch-8001 Zurich

+41 (0)444 220 5020