Airline Review: JetBlue’s Mint Class is perfection!

Airline Review: JetBlue’s Mint Class is perfection!

by Stefanie Michaels

My adventures take me far and wide. Mostly via those friendly skies on airplanes. I’ve worked with most airlines, reviewing their fine services, and well, not so fine services.

It’s refreshing to be able to share info on an airline, (which I recently experienced on a direct flight from LAX to NYC en route to Aruba), that takes it upon themselves to offer a service usually reserved for business class travelers, and making an effort to price luxury at a more affordable price point for the rest of us.

It is called Mint Class by JetBlue, and for those weary road warriors, heading from coast to coast, it’s first class, rather than the a-typical business class option on other airlines.

All 16 Mint Class seats convert to lie-flat beds and are the longest in the US sky.

Rows 2 and 4 are single seats complete with a door that can be closed, making their own pod a place for ultimate privacy (in fact, it’s the first US airline to offer customers this option).

Although I didn’t book the private “cabanas” as I like to refer to the seats in rows 2 and 4, I was just as happy in row 5. Ryan, my flight concierge brought me my pre-departure drink, and once airborne, followed up with my choice of cocktail and appetizer to kick off the meal service, I kicked back, watched a movie and played on JetBlue’s version of wi-fi, called fly-fi.

JetBlue teamed with one of my favorite East Village restaurants (review featured here on in the foodie section), New York City-based restaurant Saxon + Parole to create the onboard menu. “Comfort food with a twist” dishes are served tapas-style, and desserts are from Blue Marble.

Although available throughout the flight, waking for breakfast is worth it, if only for the fresh cappuccino and espressos made from the sky’s first cappuccino machine on a U.S. airline.

Another perk is for Birchbox fans like me—amenity kits from the purveyor on board for Mint Class passengers.

So, where, when and how can you try out Mint?

Mint Class is available on flights from New York (JFK) to both Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO).

I hope that Jet Blue rolls out more Mint service to other destinations I fly to, because my-oh-my, it’s perfection!

JetBlue, are you listening?

Fares starting at $599.00 one way

JetBlue’s Mint experience round-up:

  • Fully lie-flat beds up to 6’ 8” (203cm), averaging the longest in the U.S. domestic business class market
  • The only private suites with closing doors in the American market, four on each flight
  • Seats up to 22.3” wide, making them the widest seats on average in the U.S. domestic market
  • Air cushions with adjustable firmness
  • Massage function
  • 15-inch flat screen with up to 100 channels of DirecTV® programming and 100+ channels of SiriusXM® radio
  • Shoe storage
  • Dual 110volt power outlets with two

USB port at every seat

  • “Wake me for service” button, so you will never snooze through a meal (unless you want to)
  • Pre-departure drink, followed by a cocktail and amuse-bouche once airborne
  • Curated menu by popular New York City restaurant Saxon + Parole
  • Customers will customize their meal by choosing among five offerings, comfort food with a twist, served tapas-style.
  • Fresh coffee made from the first purposely-built cappuccino machine for a U.S. airline
  • Customized men’s and women’s kits amenity kits by partner Birchbox
  • Dessert from Blue Marble and sweet treats from Mah-ze-Dahr