Adventure Girl’s July Green Award Goes To…

Adventure Girl’s July Green Award Goes To…

Palwan Island

Private Island Health Spa- Palawan, Philippines

So…What about ‘um?

What better place to escape to than this beautiful island at the end of the earth, far removed from the western world, with simple island people? No TV, no radio, no newspapers. Enjoy a private island paradise -become a Robinson Crusoe with some2008 luxuries!

21 years ago founder Leeann Cruz, a British born Australian, found this unforgettable island. It is the last remaining undeveloped, isolated, “raw nature” and “raw food” island in the Philippines – a special self-healing retreat which you are welcome to share. Private Island Natural Health Spa is an exclusive eco-island paradise especially for women (but male partners and family members are welcome with advance booking!). The spa offers a professionally supported pre-cleansing medical analysis; programs that are centered around rejuvenation, purification, regeneration and cleansing to address many diseases; and a follow-up therapeutic plan to continue your self-healing program when you return home.

The island is only for those who can genuinely appreciate a pure and simple lifestyle.

Activities- How Cool!

Fishing, Yoga, Nature Trails, Diving, Hiking, Beaches, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Walking, wellness, detox fasting colonics

What they say, Why they are Green!

We take actions to: conserve water, install eco-friendly lighting, reduce oil/gas carbon emissions, compost waste food, recycle wherever possible, use bio degradable cleaning agents, use reclamation building materials, use renewable natural furnishings, source food locally, offer local employment, instruct staff in green practices, include green room info packs, mention green/eco issues on our Web site, conserve/care for wildlife in our area, practice herbal medicine

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