Adventure Girl Shares Secrets for Killers Movie Promo

Adventure Girl Shares Secrets for Killers Movie Promo


If Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl know how to share something, it’s uncovering secrets in their upcoming movie, Killers. Opening June 4, 2010,  this action-comedy takes place in stunning, star studded locations around the globe. In fact, some of the locales are scene steelers in their own right, such as France’s coastal town of Nice provided jaw-dropping visuals- ( Ladies! complete with Ashton Kutcher’s top shaped body in swim trunks!).

Our very own, Adventure Girl, Stefanie Michaels helps launch the movie’s social media campaign by sharing her secrets for the Killers movie YouTube site, and for her own Adventure Girl page

“At first I was like, huh- I have to share MY secrets?” says Michaels, “And then I thought, why not! I’m an open book and I’ve got some silly things to share that I haven’t told my fans yet.”

So, what are Stef’s secrets? “Seriously, not as big as being a Killer spy like Ashton is in this movie!” Michaels states emphatically. “I shared a beauty tip, like using hemorrhoid cream to shrink zits, or that I ate Play dough as a kid, and that I tear travel stories out of magazines, little things that keep life a little bit interesting I think.”

You can watch Stef’s Killers video here:

Adventure Girl’s Killers Video Promo

Fans can shoot their own secrets videos and upload to the Killers YouTube page, tag it “Killer Secret”, and the winning video gets a “secret prize” (Could it be Ashton in a bathing suit?). You know you hope so!