Adventure Girl meets Media Icon Arianna Huffington

Adventure Girl meets Media Icon Arianna Huffington

Ariana and MeIt was one of the “Hollywood” moments, smack dab in the middle of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California. I was speaking at the 140 Characters Conference, which focuses its panels on Now Media and the effects of how Twitter and social media is changing our world.

Arianna Huffington was also speaking on a panel. The Democratization of Information panel- a discussion about whether we are transitioning from an Age of Information into and Age of Misinformation along with Joe Klein- President of CNN, and Peter Hirshberg from The Conversation Group.

Of course Ms. Huffington, also my boss- I am a travel/green writer for the Huffington Post, was flawless in her interpretation of the press and what it means to be in the state of NOW media, complete with eloquent comments on citizen journalism and how we cope with loosing key pieces of our traditional media. She stole the show.

I vowed that I would one day meet her, as I had met another of my favorite media icons, Ann Curry, at the last 140 conference in New York.

I exited the theater into the lobby to prepare for my own panel, when and heard that unmistakable Greek accent. I followed the voice around the corner, and there she was.

Ms. Huffington.

Nervously, I stuck my hand out to shake hers. I nearly got my whole name out before she exclaimed, “I know who you are!” A little taken it back, I tried again to explain that I worked for her and my name was… “I know who you are,” she explained again with a soothing smile on her face.

I just stopped, stunned. This media empress with more than 9,000 journalists under her helm, knew me? I thought it crazy initially, until I learned from my editor that she actually knows every one of her writers, and what they pen about. (She has more than 30 editors who report to her on what is being written or blogged about).

More impressed with Ms. Huffington than ever before, I somehow managed (I am hardly ever tongue tied) to blurt out words of thanks, and how much I appreciated her efforts in giving journalists, who are not political, the opportunity to write for her outlet.Me and Arianna 2

Graciously, she thanked ME for all my efforts, for sharing my time and information with readers. Two photos were snapped quickly of the two of us. She bid farewll to those around us, exclaiming she was late to catch her plane.

I turned to an onlooker who had marveled at what took place in those seconds, and asked her what she thought of the brief exchange.

“Magical,” she said.

I thought so, too.