ABC News Updates Needles on Delta Flight Information

ABC News Updates Needles on Delta Flight Information

ABC News has reported new updates for the man who found needles in his food while flying on Delta Airlines. 

Makes you wonder how safe airplane food really is?

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One of the airline passengers who bit into a sandwich containing a one-inch needle earlier this week has now been put on antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of HIV, and says the FBI is investigating the incidents aboard four Delta Air Lines flights as a criminal case.

James Tonges said he was placed on the drug Truvada, which has recently been approved by the FDA, following the incident aboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis-St. Paul. Half a dozen sewing needles have now been found in sandwiches on four separate Delta flights, and Tonges, who was sitting in his flight’s business elite cabin, was unfortunate to have bitten into one of them.

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Source: ABC News