8Great: Instagrammers I follow and why!

8Great: Instagrammers I follow and why!

There are a ton of amazing Instagram accounts out there. Everyone asks me who the Instagrammers are that I follow. Here are a few of my top faves of the Instagram world from photographers, a fitness queen to a dog photographer.

1. Michelle Yam.

Michelle is a professional photographer, who has been on top lists for her eye for simplistic beauty. Her food photography is stunning, and her travel photos will make you want to galavant around the globe with her. Plus, she’s an all around amazing human. Follow her @MichaelleYam.



2. Julie Sariñana.

Catching a post from Julie of @sincerelyjules is like a little gift in your insta-thread each time. Her sense of style, creativity, and approach to fashion is unparalleled. There’s a reason she has garnered 4 million followers.

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3. The Dogarazzi.

New to the insta-feeds, I caught the Dogarazzi taking photos of my own pooches one day. Always one to follow pet-grammers, this instagram is witty, hilarious and it’s as if the Dogarazzi actually knows what’s going on in the minds of her subjects. Follow @thedogarazzi for some laughs!

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4. Jeanette Jenkins.

Ms. Jeanette’s approach to fitness is F.U.N. Not only is she an experienced trainer and nutritionist, she’s super down to earth and shares the people she meets, works with, and what inspires her daily. Her recipes are delicious, and her motivational posts an added perk. Follow @msjeanettejenkins

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5. Jonathan Nafarrete. 

Jonathan is a photographer base in Los Angeles. His images are colorful and often times thought provoking. It wasn’t long after he launched his instagram account, that @Jonathan360 wound up on list after list, and had brands, such as Audi calling.

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6. Natalie Discala.

Natalie’s keen eye comes from her background in the print world. In fact, many of her images look as if they have come straight out of magazines. Her style is stellar, and let’s talk about some of her baking images! YUM! Follow @nataliediscala Adventure Girl Instagrammers


7. Dave and Deb.

They are everyone’s favorite travel couple, quitting their day jobs to jaunt around the globe together. They’ve won numerous awards for being so awesome, and Dave’s photography is nothing short of spectacular. Follow @theplanetD

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8. Julie Deily.

Julie has a love for all things food and travel. Her approach to her insta-images is to keep a point of reference in context. “If you’re shooting food, photograph it as you would eat it,” she says. Her images are whimsical and approachable. Follow @thelittlekitchn

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