Yungas Road, Bolivia – The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Yungas Road, Bolivia – The World’s Most Dangerous Road


by Anthony, The Travel Tart–

I went riding down this road/glorified goat track on a mountain bike in late 2007.  Yungas Road  is located between the capital of Bolivia, La Paz, and the town of Coroico.

This ‘Road of Death’ claimed an average of 20 vehicles each year (and numerous lives) until a new highway opened in 2007 – in fact, the locals were so pissed off with using the old road, that they used the new highway during the construction period!

Just remember, Yungas Road was a two lane ‘highway’ – but it’s barely wide enough for one car width in some places!

The drop over the edge is ‘only’ usually 600 metres (1900 ft).  Only travellers are silly enough to use this road now via mountain bike trips.  In fact, about 10 people have lost their lives mountain biking down this magnificent part of Bolivia.  I guess that means they don’t score the ‘I Mountain Biked Down The World’s Most Dangerous Road’ T-shirt.

The trip is about 70 kilometres (44 miles) long and starts at 4000 metres (13000 ft) above sea level – sometimes in the snow –  and finishes at 1500 metres above sea level – in tropical forest. It takes about 6 to 7 hours cycling downhill.  The hardest part is a 3 kilometre uphill pedal at 3500 metres – which almost burst my lungs.

Some masochistic people have cycled up The World’s Most Dangerous Road – and this takes about 12 hours.

Believe me, it’s worth risking your life to ride this fantastic track!  I was on a high for days after cycling down The World’s Most Dangerous Road – in fact, I wanted to go again!

It’s easy to organise a trip – many places in La Paz organise the trip there, which also includes chocolate and bananas for extra energy!

Also, please find attached a video link here with some great footage about the road:

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