Wine Spas: Another Amazing Benefit of Wine!

Wine Spas: Another Amazing Benefit of Wine!

By: Maddie Marshall

After a long holiday with my live-in mother-in-law, I needed a getaway.  She talks all day- every day- about nothing of value and about people whom I have never met before.  I try and tune out her ramblings, but sometimes all I could really use is a few days (ok, who are we kidding– the rest of my life) without having to hear her nonsense anymore!

A relaxing choice for an after holiday getaway would be to go to Bordeaux, France and indulge in the world’s first official wine spa, the Caudalie Vinotherapie® Spa.  The exclusive spa is located in the middle of the Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards; it is next to the Sources de Caudalie hotel just outside of Bordeaux.

Their Vinothérapie® (wine therapy) treatments combine minerals, natural spring water and wine & grape extracts. The wine’s high antioxidant levels are supposed to firm the skin and slow the aging process.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger?

After a long holiday with my mother-in-law, I always feel as though I have aged a few years, so this is perfect!