Why I’m “reinventing” myself this summer!

Why I’m “reinventing” myself this summer!

Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that I am “reinventing” myself with two new endeavors!

The first of my “reinventing” is working for a couple of months with Microsoft and trying out their new Nokia Lumia 928 4G phone.

Starting today through end of August, I’m ditching my professional camera, and taking my travel images and videos using this phone for their new campaign called “How will you reinvent yourself this summer?” Every now and then you’ll see the hashtag #reinvented, so you’ll know I took the photo with my Lumia phone.

If any of you out there all ready have this phone and can shoot me some tips about it, please use the contact form on this Adventuregirl.com site!

Would love to hear from you on advice like, when I’m in a concert, do I use it in “sport mode” for fast movements? Or, do I simply leave it in auto mode?

Which mode will give me the best outcome for my images when I’m shooting a sunset, taking an image of a speed boat, or a foodie shot of a great dessert?

I have all ready started using my new gadget in low light conditions like at last week’s Music City Center opening in Nashville.

Here’s a couple of those shots that I took last week at Nashville’s Music City Center opening with my new phone!

I toggled between using sport mode and then auto. They both seemed to work well, minus some color differences- one seems warmer than the other. So, over the next couple of months, I’m hoping to hone my phone’s camera skills with your help!

(Of course you all ready know how I love taking sunset shots, but I promise to get more creative with my images like you see here).

How did I do?

I got to shoot Sheryl Crow at an outdoor concert early in the evening, then inside at a private concert, where I really got to capture her right there at the stage.

Don’t you just love those rose details on her jeans?!

She belted out some hits, All I want to do (is have some fun) and one of my favorites, If it makes you happy, which made the audience oh-so-happy.

My trip last week to Nashville, was just one of many Nashville trips I’ll be taking this summer. Why, you might be asking?

I’m “reinventing” myself in another life adventure! I can now share that I’m the co-founder of a new summit there: KEEN Digital Summit Oct. 24-27, 2013. We’re gonna meet some great leaders in business, get connected, network,  have a whole bunch of fun, take lots of pictures with our new Lumia phones, and listen to some great music! (Who knows, maybe Sheryl will be there!)

(Images: Sheryl Crow by Stefanie Michaels using her Lumia 928 phone)

AND,  If you want to try and win one of 10 Lumia 928 phones like I’m trying out, or try for the big 5K prize that Microsoft is also giving away for their “Reinventing yourself” sweepstakes, click below in the white box and share.  (make sure you read their contest rules!).