What does it take to get adventurous in life?

What does it take to get adventurous in life?

What does it take to get adventurous in life? Adventure girl, Stefanie Michaels helps get you on the road to inspiration, simple ideas and launching your adventurous spirit.

Get off your couch! Whether you want to meet Oprah Winfrey, live your singing dream and get discovered on American Idol, scale Mount Everest or simply investigate a new restaurant… You will have to do so by turning off the tube and stepping into life. Scientists call this socializing.

Read magazines that inspire you, if it is travel- Pick up old-school guides such as Frommers and Lonely Planet, or magazines such as “Conde Nast Traveler”. Clip your favorite places and create a fantasy file of trips you want to take.

There is adventure just outside your front…you just need to look for it. Take a different route to the supermarket- slow down and look around. Notice what is open to you in your city- a community college offering that class you have always wanted to take, a travel agency just opened- stop in and book a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go, stroll through the park, take a hike or a long walk. Notice things and people around you.

Live life spontaneously- Let it come from your heart.

Switch it up! Make a change- it could be as simple as changing your lipstick color, shaving your beard, ordering something new off the menu. You are “being adventurous.”

Adventure is an expression of your curiosity- Ask questions, be inquisitive.

If someone asks you on an adventure- go! Travel is the epitome of adventure. Step out into the world, seek diversity, and expose yourself to various cultures.

Find a friend to help you in becoming more adventurous. Turn to Twitter to meet like-minded travelers and adventure seekers!Sharing adventure is part of “the getting adventurous” process.

Don’t just visit places you are traveling to. Meet locals, get a way from chain restaurants like McDonald’s and try an ethnic dish or two, try to learn the language and customs. It’s more to share with your friends back home!

Keep every day open to possibility. The more you are out and about, the more people you will meet, the more experiences you will have. Hey! You never know who that person will be to step into your life and ask you on an adventure of a lifetime!


It is very easy to fall into life’s monotony, so mix it up! Challenge yourself by trying something new! Being adventurous at first might be challenging. Let it start in your heart and mind… And the rest will come naturally!


Once you get adventurous, you will have too much fun.

Things You’ll Need

Enthusiasm, dare to dream, knowing the possibilities are endless, a zest to live life, a great sense of humor, the quest for knowledge, being open to change.