Vancouver is Alive with Plenty to Experience

Vancouver is Alive with Plenty to Experience

Having traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia 13 years ago versus a trip that I’m on currently, exploring all things epicurean, I realize just how much the city has changed. From the best in dining to new hotels, such as the stunning two year old Shangri-la Hotel in Downtown, and the new Fairmont property and the Pacific Rim in the Waterfront area, Vancouver is a town to be reckoned with, even rivaling that of San Francisco, New York and Paris.

The easily manageable walking city is sparkling clean and safe. An easy going friendly atmosphere, people seem happy here. Of course I land into one of the first sun soaked weekends, where locals are out shopping in trendy Yale town, dining at outdoor cafes next to blooming tulips, or partaking in the 26-mile marathon around the city.

Vancouver is alive! It’s springtime, the birds are flying across crystal clear blue skies, views of emerald colored mountains topped with the last of winter’s snow capped peaks rise from Vancouver’s busy port – visually, it’s simply breathtaking.

A favorite day trip is taking one of the several tour buses around the island, touching upon favorite tourist destinations like Stanley Park, home to the Vancouver Aquarium, rose gardens and the famed Tea House Restaurant set amid towering pines, and rolling lawns at one of the many parks within the park.

Take the Aquabus off Yaletown’s pier and head over to Granville Island to experience a touristy hot spot, but also a local’s hangout, with one of the best markets I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world. The Granville Island Market is best navigated by taking the Pacific Institute of Culinary Art’s tour with the enthusiastic Chef Julian as he winds guests through mounds of fresh vegetables, cheese areas, bread shops, culinary specialty shops in a Plugged in Tour. His enthusiasm about food is contagious, and one can’t help but learn a tip or two about buying organic, whether buying fresh versus frozen is advantageous, how to break an egg the chef way, or simply what to look for when purchasing sustainable products.

There is so much to share, it simply can’t be covered in just one story. So, I’ll be breaking down the people I’ve come across, the experiences I’ve had, and the best destinations to discover when visiting this dream destination called British Columbia.

Story originally appeared at Exclusive Resorts