UK travel companies have cancelled holidays to Kenya until Monday, the Federation of Tour Operators has announced.

Diani Beach, Kenya

The move comes after all the UK’s major tour operators on Thursday suspended holidays to Kenya for two days.

Operators began cancelling flights following Foreign Office advice that people should only take essential trips to the East African country.

More than 300 people have been killed in Kenya in post-election rioting.

Violence erupted on 27 December after claims of vote rigging in

the presidential polls.

The Foreign Office has urged anyone in areas affected by the violence, including Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu, to remain indoors and to “exercise extreme caution”.

Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) spokesman Graham Lancaster said: “Foreign Office advice against all but essential travel to Kenya is still in place and we thought it best to extend the cancellation dates.” About 500 people will be affected by the extended cancellation dates

Monday is a major return-home day for UK tourists in Kenya and holiday airlines would be sending planes to the country to bring people back, he added.

“About 500 people are affected by the cancellation of trips on Sunday and Monday. The FTO will be deciding over the weekend on holiday arrangements for the days after Monday.”

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Kenya Airways are continuing UK-Kenya scheduled services as normal.

Source: BBC News