As the old adage goes, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Whether you are wandering the globe or taking a day trip, it’s sure to make for a life well lived.


  • AirFlair: Meet the Prius of Airplanes the Zunum Aero

    The future of regional air travel may be arriving sooner than many of us expected! Boeing and JetBlue are working with Seattle-based startup called Zunum Aero to develop a hybrid-electric jet that they plan to have in service by 2022. Read More...

  • The Female Entrepreneurs of Elkhart Lake

    I learn how female entrepreneurial oriented the town of Elkhart Lake is. It’s not that I haven’t come across female business leaders before, it’s just that in a small town of 600 people, to have such a saturation of women owned and run businesses from hotels to a wine shop, to eateries and a tea room, I find to be interesting. Read More...

  • On the Road, On the Run — Refugee Travel 

    On the Road, On the Run Refugee Travel tips. What to bring with you in case of an emergency evacuation means getting prepared and... Read More...

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