As an expert on adventure (I am, after all, AdventureGirl), I have always said adventure if a state of mind, an extension of your curiosity. It can be exemplified by simple little changes, or grandiose challenges. Either way, becoming adventurous is about exploring things you might not have thought to try in everyday life! Not sure how to become adventurous? I’ve got some suggestions.Adventure Girl Lipstick

Change your lipstick color! Are you still wearing the same lipstick color since high school? Well, ditch it. Simply changing it up with ruby lips for a night out on the town can make you feel mysterious and adventurous.

Do you ever notice yourself saying “I’d love to learn how to…” Well, what are you waiting for? Embracing adventure means now is the time to do it! From learning how to become a culinary expert to artist to athlete, local colleges and YMCA’s offer low-cost classes you can join to change the “I’d love to learn …” to “I learned it!

AdvetureGirlShorthairAre you afraid to cut those locks or update your do? Breathe in some adventure by changing it up with a new hairstyle. From dramatic (think Demi Moore shaving her head) to the subtle (some new Jennifer Aniston highlights), revamping your coiffe pushes you to make a change and live life adventurously with a new haircut or style. Madonna does it, so can you! Dye it, cut it- nothing makes more of a life change than a hair “do!”

Not into Twitter? Try it. Unlike Myspace and Facebook, which is more insular, Twitter allows you to easily follow people from around the globe. Schedule a Tweet up (a Twitter meet up) Twitter Blog Birdswith locals in your community. It’s a great way to meet people you might never have otherwise met.

Being adventurous is also about giving back by helping other’s who face adversity in life. Join a social media campaign through Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. ‘Tis the season of giving, so give back through interactive fundraising campaigns such as Blame Drew’s Cancer, http://www.

I always follow my glamour guru, Ryan Patterson’s mantra of style — “Be fearless with your fashion. That doesn’t mean being a slave to every new trend on the runway or spending big bucks on designer clothes. It can be as simple as adding a pop of color to your predominately black wardrobe. Add a dash of the unpredictable to keep things interesting…especially to you.”

And, shop vintage! Its fun, affordable and you never know what style gems you will find. Take a step outside of your normal clothing box!


Let’s face it, in today’s economy a Gym membership can be costly. The new craze in staying fit is called “Exergaming.” You can enjoy workouts in your home with high definition interactive gaming consoles like Gamercize, Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Get adventurous and in shape trying out Deca Sports- 10 Ways to Get in Shape, and Active Life: Outdoor Challenge- perfect for indoor adventuring and feeling as if you’re exergaming in nature.

touristYou can find adventures at the Top of the Andes, or in your own backyard. One day when you are wondering what to do, don the hat of tourist and explore your own town or visit a nearby attraction. Take a day trying anything out of “your” ordinary.

To be adventurous is to challenge your comfort zones. Recently, I went on my own globeadventure to China. I asked my guide to drop me in a safe area to explore, and map in hand, I came across some of the most wonderful experiences. Get adventurous on your next holiday — get “lost” somewhere with just a map and get curious!

At home planning your next adventure? With many destinations on sale, and recession deals in play, take advantage of the age-old, “close your eyes, spin the globe and buy a ticket where your finger lands”…

cellphoneDon’t hyperventilate with this next piece of advice to tap into your adventurous self. Turn off your computer and cell phones for a day. You will be amazed at what sounds, sights and adventures you will come across!