Sending Love from Bangkok!

Sending Love from Bangkok!

HI guys-

Checking in from Bangkok airport. For those of you who celebrated Xmas- hope you had a lovely one- for those of you awaiting the celebration of 2008- well… it’s almost here!

I am en route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai- the city of 300 temples. Bangkok was amazing, and I would like to thank all the citizens of Bangkok, who made my time here spectacular!

Was able to visit the Palace where the Green/Jade Buddah sits- a truely remarkable display- the handwork on the buildings, the beautiful handpainted walls in the temples, the history is all so breath taking. Yesturday, I ventured to Wat Pho- and the reclining Buddah- 48 meters high by 60 meters long. I have photos and when I get back- I’ll load them for you to see.

Last night was dinner at Breeze. A gorgeous restaurant at the State Building- 52 floors up- complete with killer views of the city.

There is so much more- I barely scratched the surface and can”t wait to come back for more.

One thing that’s “ehhh”– the smog from traffic is HORRIBLE! But, so far- that’s the only neg. I can share.

So… book your ticket to Thailand…