MFUWE, Zambia (01/2012) Robin Pope Safaris (RPS) offers an exceptional Mobile Walking Safari experience along the Mupamadzi, a river in the mid-Luangwa Valley of eastern Zambia. The Mupamadzi, a tributary of the Luangwa, is a singularly beautiful river, shallow and clear, and is bordered by the Muchinga Escarpment, which can be seen rising to a 1000-foot high elevation.


The Mupamadzi Mobile Safari is valid from July to early October, a season of cool, dry weather. The 10-nights safari will take a maximum of six guests for five nights of mobile tented accommodations, combined with two nights at RPS’ Nkwali and three nights at either their Tena Tena or Nsefu camps. (The latter portion of the itinerary may be extended for seven nights.) Rates start at US$6690 per person per night; there is no supplemental rate for singles.


A mobile walking safari is the best possible way to discover the secrets of the bush, especially in the hands of an RPS expert guide and particularly when walking in the game-rich South Luangwa National Park. The Luangwa is a 3500-square mile, pristine wilderness area rife with big game and elegant with oxbow lagoons and cathedral mopane forests. Chances are in this neck of the bush safari-goers will spot a leopard in a tree munching on a carcass. And chances are a hyena or two will be skulking below, waiting for the “shoe” to drop.  Soon loud crunching noises are heard, as the scavengers sup away (hyena spoor is white from the surfeit of calcium consumed). The area is inhabited by roan, reedbuck and hartebeest.  And speaking of neck of the bush, it’s also where the endemic Thornicroft giraffe, whose beautiful patterning stops at its knees, ruminates. High adventure!


Stays are at intimate, comfortable and highly-personalized camps of Nkwali, Tena Tena or Nsefu, while the mobile tented camps that are set up just for the night maintain all the details and standards of a fixed camp, but with a flexible location. Safari-goers can take game drives during stays at the permanent camps and will be in the hands of excellent Robin Pope guides. (In 2010, RPS won the Good Safari Guide Award for the best guiding team.)

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