SAN FRANCISCO: Macworld 2010 Special iPad Event

SAN FRANCISCO: Macworld 2010 Special iPad Event

Macworld 2010 Special iPad Event


Feb. 13, 2010    1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Jason Snell, Vice President & Editorial Director, Mac Publishing, LLC

Macworld 2010 will offer a preview of the new iPad, providing attendees with in-depth analysis and commentary on Apple’s latest revolutionary product, IDG World Expo, owner of Macworld 2010, announced Wednesday, January 27. Jason Snell, vice president and editorial director at Macworld, the preeminent news and information source for professional and enthusiast users of Apple products, and a panel of industry insiders will explore the features, functionality and provide insight into the iPad.

The event will delve into what iPad means for users, developers, the tech industry and the ancillary industries it affects. The iPad Special Event will be followed by a Q&A session and an opportunity for a Macworld 2010 attendee to win an iPad after the product begins shipping.

Source: Macworld