Richard Branson plans deep-ocean submarine dives

Richard Branson plans deep-ocean submarine dives


Billionaire adventurer Richard Branson says he plans to travel to the deepest parts of the world’s oceans in a single-person submarine.

He announced in Newport Beach Tuesday that he and fellow explorer Chris Welsh plan to make five dives over the next two years.

They’ll take turns traveling to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific, the Atlantic’s Puerto Rico Trench and South Sandwich Trench, Diamantina Trench in the Indian Ocean and the Molloy Deep in the Arctic Ocean.

Branson showed off the sub, a blue-and-white plane-like craft with stubby wings and a cockpit that will be able to travel for miles over the ocean floor.

The founder of Virgin Atlantic plans to make a larger sub that can hold more people and offer trips to tourists for a sizable fee.

Source: AP