More luxury by Louis Vuitton with customized luggage

More luxury by Louis Vuitton with customized luggage


Luxury brands have catered to jet-setters around the globe for centuries. Traveling by ship brought specialty boxes such as hanging apparel hard cases, hat boxes, and treasure chests for fine linens and home goods.

As travel evolved, so did the need to create more unique and specialized pieces.

Louis Vuitton, the leader in luxury handbags, apparel and luggage, also offers unique pieces to their line with custom made pieces- like a traveling bag for your sound system, a bed trunk that converts out of a trunk into a bed, a cake box for those traveling cake needs,  and even a shower trunk- you guessed it, a trunk that turns into a privacy shower.

Whatever your needs are and however creative you would like to get without any obvious financial constrains, Louis Vuitton’s custom goods website is worth oogling over.

Louis Vuitton Custom Made Site