Living Life’s Adventures: Putting the “U” back in FUN!

Living Life’s Adventures: Putting the “U” back in FUN!

Has life got you down? Are you bored and looking for something to do? Are you endlessly shopping around the web for something to purchase just because? Is life lackluster? Can you even stand it all today? Well, yes you can!

Think “fun”.

There’s a simple 5-second task at hand to get you out of the day’s heaviness.  What I do is stop, sit tight and think about using words that start with a “u” to add some kick back into the term, fun.

Let’s get started.

1. Uplifting – think music with a good beat. Have a favorite song? Hum it.

2. Unique – you are unique- different than any other human being on earth… so smile!

3. Uphoric – just knowing you’re “unique” will help get you happy. Now, one, two, three… back-flip!

4. U.K. — don’t you just love London? ;0

5. Unaged — because you’ll ALWAYS be an “adventurer” on the inside no matter what age!