Hello Everyone- Happy Weekend!

Hope you all had a great week and you are now enjoying the weekend.

I am not sur eif you know that I am a big advocate of an organization called I think I had first heard about the charitable organization on Oprah.

Anyway- I signed onto the site and created an account about 8 months or so ago. It is a place where entrepreuners from all over the world come to recieve business loans for their businesses. These businesses are very simple- a pig farmer, a satay sales woman from Indonesia, a sheep herder, shoe sales man in Nigeria- and the loans they request vary from $125.00 on up. You can donate $25.00 on up- and it is paid back from the vendor you choose to help out, over the period of a chosen term.

I loaned my first $25.00- aprox. 5 lattes from Starbucks- to a sheep farmer in Paraguay- he needed hte funds to purchase more sheep to help increase his stock- thus allowing him to grow his business. He was only asking for $600.00. He is almost paid up- and I feel good to know I helped his business along with several other donors.

So, Here is my next person I have donated to. Her name is Francisca Runsewe. She has started a grain selling business- and needs a total of $525.00 to purchase more “food stuiff” for sale to get her business booming.

You can also go to to find out who you might want to lend to.

What I love getting are the e-mail updates about who I am loaning to, and to learn about their lifestyle- which is so different than I even know. It’s also quite humbling to know that I am so fortunate in life to live where I do, have a great buisness and oppertunities to grow- and I only want to reach out and help others.

Anyway- enough of me on the soap box! LOL! Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Adventure Girl- Stef