Islands with Heart

Islands with Heart

Thanks to Google’s Earth feature, it’s helped us all see the planet from a different perspective so easily it only take as query and then click of a mouse.

With the help of these top-notch images, a little island off Croatia’s coast, became noticed virtually overnight thanks to the help of Google’s overhead view of it. The image went viral and now- couples from all over the world touch upon it. It’s now dubbed “lovers isle”.

This tiny Croatian isle marks the first on my list of Hearts from Above …





This little island of love, called Galesnjak, stirred lovers around the globe when it became an internet sensation. It’s size of just 164 feet at it’s widest point, can only be reached by boat… or a very long swim! What he won’t do for love, u-huh!





Heart Reef, a part of Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays is pretty near darn perfect! Shaped out of various coral species, it’s also a diver’s paradise. It just may be one of the best surprise diving proposal spots on the planet. Propose at sea, then take a heli-flight above for an aerial view. Don’t forget the champagne!


Heart Tavarua



Tavarua Island, near Viti Levu and part of the Fijian island chain in the South Pacific, is paradise. The whole island is a resort that caters to every guest’s desire. Surrounded by a coral reef, waters are calm for snorkeling, sunsets are made for romance, and it’s private isle feel will keep you coming back for amour.