How Taylor Swift and I got to make a little girl’s dream come true   

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

How Taylor Swift and I got to make a little girl’s dream come true   

by Stefanie Michaels

Taylor Swift. The iconic country turned pop star with mega-hits and mega-fans.

One of them is a friend’s daughter, named Chloe, and one ultimate “Swiftie” (what Taylor fans call themselves). When I say Chloe is obsessed with Swift, well that would be an understatement. She has been known to lock herself in her room for hours, listening to Swift’s many hits.

She knows every line by heart.

Like all good Swifties, one must stay abreast of all things in Taylor’s private life as well. Chloe explained to me about her two cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, her besties Selena Gomez , Jaime King, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid. It was as if Chloe knew Swift as a best friend.

And that’s the thing I learned about the charm of Taylor Swift. She talks to her audience as individuals as if each person who is in the audience or a fan is a best friend to her.

Chloe had a tough 2014. Her father Matt, an avid bicycle enthusiast was on an average morning ride, when he was struck by a hit and run driver, left for dead on a busy street in their hometown of Calabasas.

Days, led to weeks, led to months of recovery, which stressed the family emotionally and financially. Chloe, one of four children, took to her room often times to listen to Taylor’s songs, which she attributes to getting her through such a trying time.

I thought it would be a great idea to invite Chloe with me to a Taylor Swift concert to help her get through this tough time. As one knows, Taylor Swift concerts sell out in nano-seconds. Since I am an American Express Platinum Card Member I have access to the Platinum Concierge Service.  So after unsuccessfully searching for tickets online, I called concierge and they were able  to help me purchase after market tickets for Taylor Swift’s opening night show at the Los Angeles Staple Center in August.

It was the perfect timing, as Chloe’s parents broke the news for her 12th birthday present.

Being “Adventure Girl” often has its perks for me. It’s not that often, that I can share those perks with others. This time, this was for Chloe.

I had more surprises for her the day of the concert. We headed to NARS to get her Taylor makeover, complete with red lipstick, Taylor’s latest signature style. We went shopping for her outfit for the evening—a black and white ensemble perfect to show off her red lips!

At 6:45, the doorbell rang. I asked Chloe to grab the door, because this was yet another surprise I worked with my American Express Platinum concierge.

Her limo was there to pick us up thanks to the American Express Limousine Program.

Lucky us, we sat 4th row, and at a certain point in the concert, Chloe swore Taylor winked at her, which I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute, since Swift is all about her fans. At one point, she turned to me and said, “I think I’m going to cry!” (with joy of course), and all I could point out was, “Don’t! It will ruin your Taylor makeup!”

Chloe sat in disbelief for most of the concert. She sung along to her favorite songs, we danced almost the whole time, and when confetti dropped down, she grabbed just enough for her scrapbook. We wore these innovative-lighted wrist bands, that coordinated with various hits, another souvenir to add to the Taylor t-shirt, 1989 rubber wristband, and the program book I got her before we walked into Staple Center.

What a great night, getting to make this little girl’s wish come true by seeing Taylor live.

Chloe’s new life starts this week in her new hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The family had just moved to start over.

I received a text the day after the concert from Chloe and her dad, letting me know she was home safe and what a great time she had. The photo was of him with a big grin on his face; she had a pout on hers, lips colored with Taylor red lipstick of course.


This post was produced in partnership with American Express as part of Stefanie Michael’s role as a Platinum for a Year Influencer.