Have You Ever Seen A Pink Body Of Water?

Have You Ever Seen A Pink Body Of Water?

There are two places in the world to view pink waters. This is no joke, Photoshop image, or urban legend. They are real!

Lake Retba or Lac Rose, Senegal

North of the Cap Vert peninsula is a beautiful and vibrant rose colored body of water called Lake Retba.  Its high salt content and pink waters are caused by cyanobacteria in the water. This salty and stunning body of water has created salt collecting industry.

The best  time to visit and see it at its most colorful, is  in the dry season.

Pink Lake, Western Australia

Pink Lake, a salt lake in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, also known as Lake Hillier is bubble gum pink.

It sits just off Recherché Archipelago’s biggest isle, and leaves scientists scratching their heads as to how it is so pink in color. Two possible theories are that a reaction of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate (the properties in baking soda) create the color, or a combination of red halophilic bacteria mixed with the salt could be the answer. A third and off-beat notion could be an underwater strawberry farm well into the depths, yet to be explored.


Source: NatGeo