FIJI: All Things Matangi

FIJI: All Things Matangi


Jess Berlin, on assignment for set out to find the luxe and unusual places in Fiji. Matangi Island, one of Fiji’s private island resorts, is in the northern set of Fiji’s islands, just off Vanua Levu.

Booking at Matangi Island Resort, means guests literally get the whole island. Matangi is an exclusive privately owned 240-acre unique horseshoe-shaped island paradise, with a virgin tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, set against a backdrop of volcanic rocks rising from turquoise clear waters.  A haven for honeymooners and destination brides, Matangi’s Horseshoe Bay is the ultimate in romance hot spot, and noted in Patricia Schultz’s book,  “1000 Places To See Before You Die”.

Jess’s favorite things about Matangi

1. It’s a private island!

Matangi is a privately owned horse-shoe shaped island that has been in the Douglas family for five generations.  There are no cars and no roads on the island. You really do feel like a VIP as you can explore the island freely, while barely running into anyone.  At night it is so quiet, I really felt like it was just me on the island.  This is truly a family run resort with more of a personalized bed & breakfast feel.

2.  The bures

The spacious bures here are incredibly well appointed with a sitting area and four poster beds (complete with built in air conditioning).  ROMANCE ALERT! The beautiful bathrooms have outdoor rock showers (which makes showering even more fun).  Two chairs on each bure’s front porch were the perfect place to read in the mornings and opt for an afternoon nap at the hammock on the beach– an the ideal place from some down time.

3. The snorkeling

The snorkeling just off Matangi is the best I have ever seen.  Just like in those magical underwater photos seen in magazines, the clear ocean waters are chocked full of rainbow colored reef compete with hundreds of  fish- so many that they can be spied as far as you can see.  Matangi can also organize a daily snorkeling trip for a day of adventure off island.

4.  The animals

Be prepared for the animal friends you will make, too!  The Douglas family cares for many stray and injured animals on their little  island.  There is an aviary for the injured birds where you can get a close up, and learn about their several bats, doves and parrots.  The island of Matangi is also home to a few cows, goats, pigs and a few wild horses, remnants of a former working plantation.

5.  The sense of community

Because Matangi is so small, visitors get to know all staff and other guests extremely well.  The staff’s welcoming and hospitality makes for one of those “part of the family” experiences. My trip lent for some instances when we (the guests) had all of the tables pushed close  just so all we guests could eat together and share our adventures of the day at Matangi.

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