Especially for Women- Travel Safety Tips

Especially for Women- Travel Safety Tips

Stef shares her travel tips for women on the go! Whether traveling in a group or solo, these helpful tips can help you stay safe!

Advertise’ That You are not Alone
I know this sounds a bit crazy, but it helps. Check back at the hotel and leave yourself a message for ‘John’, or if you get a voice mail … leave ‘John’ a message that you’ll be back to get him in 15 minutes. Don’t do this unless you feel you’re being watched or you want the illusion of a travel partner.

Blend In
Don’t wear clothes that make you stand out. I usually try to wear jeans, sweatshirts, and try to stay away from bold colors, logos and definitely anything sexy.

My favorite word when I travel. First thing I do is call the hotel once it’s booked and talk to the concierge. Why? Because they are a bevy of information about the area and what it has to offer. They not only make reservations for you at incredible restaurants, but can also send you maps on the area and point out danger zones. If your hotel does not offer a concierge, then by all means, do your homework. I always buy a book on the local area, or use the web or contact a local police station.

Hotel Safety
This is really an important tip which I need to use and do so frequently whether I am traveling with someone or not.

  • Use only a first initial when checking in.
  • Try not to get a room on the main floor.
  • Always use the elevator … save the stairs for your workout at the gym!
  • If there is someone watching you or following you … by all means, return to the front desk and get a security guard.
  • Leave a television or radio on in the room … even if you’re not there.
  • Never leave your key where someone can glance and get your room number.

Learn the Customs
If you are traveling to a foreign country, learn the customs. In other words, don’t travel to Iran and wear hot shorts and a tank top.

Lose the Purse
Ladies … lose the purse! Find a cute bag that looks great around your waist. I use an old ugly bag if I absolutely have to have a purse, and keep my valuables hidden in my underwear or bra.

Protecting Your Privacy
Do not become a ‘friend of the friendless’. (That’s my problem) OK. It’s true … I use to talk to everyone. Now when I travel, I more or less keep to myself. On a plane, I bring a great book and my headphones. Even the chattiest seatmate gets that you want to be left alone. I’m not saying there aren’t nice people out there, but we’re talking safety and traveling alone.

Rental Car Savvy
If you decide to rent a car and need to drive to a location or want to be adventurous … great! Lock the doors to that fabulous rent a car! Hide any road maps which might tip off a car jacker you are not local to that area. I like to also make sure that there isn’t a huge car rental sticker to announce that I’m a visitor either. Contact your car rental company before you arrive regarding that policy and what they might be able to do to help. Most have scaled down their advertising on their cars, specifically to take you off the target list!