The best and MOST CRAZY moments of the Royal Wedding

The best and MOST CRAZY moments of the Royal Wedding

By Aly Walansky

The world has been counting down to the epic royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – for nearly a year and the actual festivities have not disappointed. Here were some of my favorite moments.

Princess Charlotte reminds us of her uncle Harry as she arrives

When Harry looked SO NERVOUS waiting for his bride and so HAPPY as Meghan approached


The seat left open for the late Princess Diana at the wedding….

We know she was watching over her baby boy.

 When Harry said “Thank you, Pa” to Prince Charles as he handed over Meghan

Awwww! We really saw a different, gentle side to Prince Charles this morning!

Kate’s EPIC side-eye to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Look, lots of us have issues with our mother-in-law.Watch as Kate delivers an unmistakable side-eye. We’ve all been there, no?


When Harry lifted Meghan’s veil and mouthed “hi”

Be still our hearts…


Watching Harry’s ex watch the wedding

Prince Charles is sleeping….

(For most of the ceremony, actually…he’s had a rough week though…)

Those ridiculous but awesome hats

While we LOVED everything Amal Clooney did and wore – was Camilla wearing feathers on her head…?

The dress. It was nothing we expected and everything we didn’t know we hoped for.

That time Prince Harry cracked a joke at the altar.

“I’m shitting it!”

Oh, Harry.

Sexiest moment of the ceremony

That lip bite after he told Meghan she looks amazing…and that he’s so lucky.

Oh…Harry (again.)

Horses that refuse to be told where to go!

And, of course, Princess Charlotte continues to steal the show….

THAT WAVE. After the wedding, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte gave her uncle and new aunt the cutest ever wave as the carriage swept her and Uncle Harry away.

Most romantic moment….

It’s a toss-up of a few…but when Harry CRIED…

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