Bermuda’s Top 10 Beaches

Bermuda’s Top 10 Beaches

Bermuda has captivated travelers, historians, conspiracy seekers, as well as the Bermuda Triangle enthusiasts. The small speck of land just two-hours off the east coast is the land of reinsurance companies galore, the place where celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas own property and play golf, and where globetrotters come to play on silky pink sand beaches.

Where can you find the best pink sand in Bermuda? James Wittaker from shares his picks.

Bermuda offers an array of exquisite beaches of pink sand and turquoise water.  The sand contains pink flecks that are the remains of a tiny organism known as red foam. This combined with tiny particles of broken shells and bits of coral create the pink hue of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches.

Lifeguards are stationed on some of the beaches during the summer; however, many are not and being aware of the undercurrents and never swimming alone are two good tips. There are some water activities with fabulous snorkeling and diving offered on the reefs off South Shore at the larger beaches.

A private picnic lunch or dinner at the beach is a popular option. The less private beaches often offer food and alcohol concessions. Cocktails anyone?!

1  – Horseshoe Bay: A crescent of soft, pink sand, lapped by gin colored water, fringed by sand dunes and bordered with sandstone cliffs, garnished with swaying palms – Horseshoe, in Southampton Parish, is the Mecca of the island’s beaches and a must for every Bermuda visitor.  C, B, R, L

2 – Tobacco Bay: Famous for its stunning volcanic rock formations – natural sculptures that emerge from the glassy water, this picturesque, sheltered cove is also a snorkelers’ dream. The short walk from the old town of St. George is well worth it.  C, B, R.

3 – Elbow Beach: A half-mile of white sand boasting stunning views of the Atlantic, Elbow Beach, in Warwick, is a playground for joggers, kite-boarders, beach volleyball players and SCUBA divers. There’s even a shipwreck within swimming distance of shore. You can join in the fun or just hire a deckchair and sit back and watch.  C, B, R.
4 – Church Bay: Swim with shoals of brightly colored parrot fish among the pristine coral reef that pierces the water just yards from shore at this small South Shore bay, widely revered as Bermuda’s best beach for snorkelers.  R, B

5 – Shelly Bay: A parents’ dream beach, Shelly Bay boasts warm, shallow water, a soft sandy bottom and backs on to a playground and sports field. A favorite for kids and novice swimmers – and close to the bus stop.  C, B

6 – Warwick Long Bay: To truly grasp the beauty of Bermuda’s South Shore, walk the length of Warwick Long Bay and clamber across the rocks, or take a detour over the sand dunes to Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay. On a quiet day you will see more Longtails than fellow tourists. B, R (seasonal)

7 – Snorkel Park: A great beach for families, out west in vibrant Dockyard. There are inflatables for the kids to rent, great snorkeling for dad and beach loungers for mum.  L, B, C, R

8 – West Whale Bay: Named for the humpback whales that migrate past Bermuda in April and May each year, this is as good a place for whale watching as anywhere on the island. The grassy cliff-top that borders this Southampton beach is a great spot for a picnic.

9 – Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve: A tiny peninsula on the eastern edge of the island, only recently opened to the public, Cooper’s Island is actually a series of small coves connected by almost a mile of walking trails. The larger, but less picturesque (it’s all relative) Clearwater Beach is right next door.  B

10 – John Smith’s Bay: Off the beaten track in Smith’s parish, this popular locals’ beach is a little less crowded than the South Shore destinations but still boasts soft sand and great swimming and snorkeling. The Harrington Hundreds grocery store is just a few minutes away by moped if you want to make your own picnic.  L, B

KEY= B – Bathrooms  R – Rentals  C – Café  L-Lifeguard

Image: Bermuda Tourism