Bermuda Bliss!

Bermuda Bliss!

Hey All!

I’m here- in GORGEOUS Bermuda. Needless to say it was a harried experience getting here- not typical by any means- here’s what happened. We’re about a half hour out from LAX somewhere over Arizona or something- and all of a sudden a voice on the intercom asks if there is any medical personel on board. Thank goodness, YES! A doct-a! A woman had felt chest pains, couldn’t breath and had numbness in her leg! After some 45 mins. of examining her, she was ok- and the plane didn’t have to turn around to LAX. Yikes! So, NO SLEEP for me- nor most other passengers due to curiosity and hub-bub. But, that’s ok, because now I am here on my new favorite island in the Carib.

The people are beautiful, friendly and the island is spotless, with beautiful beaches and pastel colored houses, complete with perfect white roofs, dotting the lush hills. Very picturesque.

Elbow Beach is a fantastic Resort- located on the South Shore! Ocean view rooms with full amenities and the prettiest purplely-blue bathrobes I have ever seen! 🙂 More on the hotel later! Seriously- ROMANTIC! I hear weddings here are off the hook, and there is a honeymooner’s cottage, which sits on it’s own pink sand beach- walk out your room and step onto the sand… ahhh…  Brides take note! It’s called the Birds of Paradise Cottage.

I am going to get you all some Bermuda fast facts- but for now- you can visit a couple of sites.  BERMUDATOURISM.COM- the Official Bermuda Site,, and

Tomorrow starts with a horseback ride on the beach, then a golf lesson! Very exciting! and more to share with you!

Check! ( That’s what the young locals say as “goodbye”)…

Adventure Girl