An Interview with NURAXI designer, Teresa Robinson

An Interview with NURAXI designer, Teresa Robinson

I’m obsessed with candles. I love everything about the concept of them, from how they are made, their shapes, sizes and scents that are offered. They make for a thoughtful gift, spell romance with a loved one, and often times earmark a sentiments of respect, honor, a pledge and happiness.

Most of all, their little wicks of fire give us light.

So, when my dear friend, Tina, gave me a beautiful candle with the inscription “courage” on it, as I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, I had to know where she found it.

“,” she said.

I sat down with Teresa Robinson of NURAXI, a company that sets out to create beautiful things, from pashminas to objects to be cherished by those who own them. Here’s what she shared with me.

What inspires you?

Everything in my home has a story. Through my journeys near and far, I come upon objects I fall in love with. I remember where and when I found it , and the memory of that experience makes it even more special. I have personally selected my home and accessories collection to inspire the explorer within everyone, wherever they or their imagination may wander.

Give me a little on your background. How did you get into designing?

“Nuraxi comes from my desire
to share the beauty and story of
different craftsmanship traditions
and to provide shoppers with an
option for beautiful
well-designed products.”

I’m obsessed with texture –  I touch every fabric I come across,  especially when traveling. As a result, I am constantly collecting textiles. Though after graduating college I went into the field of community development and peace education, my love for textiles never waned. I traveled al lot for my work and coincidentally I kept meeting all of these amazing artisans and designers. I then began to think about how if I helped create a market demand for the products these artisans were producing they would then have a constant source of income, not to mention these incredible craftsmanship traditions would be kept alive. As a result, Nuraxi comes from my desire to share the beauty and story of different craftsmanship traditions and to provide shoppers with an option for beautiful well-designed  products. Nuraxi celebrates the home and the simple pleasures (this does include curling up on a sofa with the softest of blankets). At the end of the day, our homes are an oasis and a true reflection of who we are. I think its important that wfill our homes with products that are beautiful and produced with integrity.

Tell me about Nuraxi. What is it?

At Nuraxi, we travel the world to collaborate with the most highly skilled artisans and designers to curate a beautiful collection of handmade products that are unique and of exceptional quality. So, when we were looking to include locally produced products we reached out to our good friend Holly Star who was just starting to produce the most gorgeous candles.

How adding these candles to your collection come about?

We not only decided to carry her line, but to also custom design a candle for Nuraxi. And that is how the Courage candle came about. It smells amazing and was recently mentioned by Miranda Kerr as one of her favorite things in Australia’s Harpers Bazaar Magazine.

The inspiration for the courage candle came about after my experience in launching my own business. Nuraxi is my passion and I really had to take a huge leap of faith to launch it. A lot of “what ifs” came up for me which I had to overcome on a professional and personal level. It takes courage to activate our strength and live the life we truly desire… in other words to rage from the heart!

How much are the candles and where can they be found?

They are $55.00 USD. They are only online at

Do proceeds to any of these candles go to charity?

Yes! When we do trunk shows, a portion of proceeds from those events go to charity.

Your products are known for being eco-concious? Tell us more.

Everything we sell on Nuraxi supports sustainable design, meaning the products we sell are handmade with 100% natural materials and the artisans are paid a fair wage. For example these candles are hand-poured and 100% soy with natural oils and herbs. So though we do not support any specific charity we are creating a market demand for handmade ethically produced products that in turn support artisans from around the world.