Airplane Toiletiquette — Yes, there is such a thing.

Airplane Toiletiquette — Yes, there is such a thing.


I’m sitting on a plane penning this story right now. Ahh the beauty of in-flight internet connectivity.

I’m two rows from the lavatories on the back of the plane, allowing me to view people’s airplane toiletiquette.

Yes- there is such a thing. In tight quarters like an airplane, and the lavatories, it’s about courtesy for the fellow passenger entering after you.


In collaboration with my awesome flight crew, we’ve assembled some tips!

1. Learn where the door knob is ( I know- this is amazing to me as well- but the crew says it’s a crisis).

2. Don’t slam door upon entry and exit.

3. Open the door slowly for those standing in queue.

4. Don’t pull or knock crazily when you see the door is marked “occupied”.

5. LOCK THE DOOR! if you are inside (apparently this happens on every flight).

6. Once you’re inside, Men- please lift the toilet seat up to well, you know- do #1.

7. Always close the toilet lid when you are finished.

8. Just a hygiene tip- LADIES- squat over the seat, don’t sit on the seat… seriously- you’ll thank me.

9. Wash your hands and I even use my hand sanitizer once I get back into my seat as well.

10. Don’t throw your towels onto the sink area and leave it dirty for the next person. Use the trash.

11. Don’t use the toilet seat cover area for a trash can.

12. Let the crew know if there is a lack of toilet paper, hand towels, soap.

13. Parents: Use the bathroom to change your baby. Request a changing table from the crew.

14. DO NOT THROW DIAPERS or poopy towels in the toilet. Use the trash.

15. Toilet= toilet paper only.

16. And on that same note: Ask for plastic poopy ziplock bags the crew has for dirty diapers.

17. If you brush your teeth:
A. Don’t use the airplane’s water from the sink- Use bottled water only.
B. Please wipe down the sink once you’ve spit out the toothpaste from your mouth.

18. Don’t hold up the bathroom for your personal use of changing, make-up and hair, overall primping.

19. Always wear shoes into the bathroom, as many many times there is urine on the floor among other things. Ewww.

20. Use these tips and you’ll have the best toiletiquette!