Adventure Girl’s March Green Award Goes To…

Adventure Girl’s March Green Award Goes To…

Desert Lodge

The Desert Lodge in Chairo-Heliopolis, Egypt
So…What about ‘um?

Where Nature welcomes you! The Desert Lodge enjoys a splendid view, overlooking the Heritage-protected oasis of Al Qasr and the distant sand dunes and mountains of the Sahara desert. It is built in traditional architectural style and is one of the few eco-designed Hotels in Egypt. Local craftsmen, using only local and natural materials, carried out the entire construction of the Lodge. Our Lodge hosts 32 large rooms, each measuring more than 32 m2 and all with private bathrooms. The rooms are simply but tastefully furnished in the local style; all have high ceilings and are equipped with a fan. Most of the terraces have spectacular views either over the village or to the nearby mountain range. The Lodge is conveniently located, enabling easy access and discovery of the surrounding areas. Fantastic and unspoiled nature, authentic villages, lush vegetation and some spectacular archaeological sites from the Pharaonic, Roman, Christian and Islamic periods can easily be reached; the Sahara with its wonderful sand dunes awaits you. We will gladly help you to organise your time: we have mountain bicycles for rent; guided hikes; excursions into the desert by 4×4 vehicles; camel trips. We provide guided excursions to the village; half day and full day tours; even excursions of several days to the White Desert and Crystal mountains, Great Sandsea and Gilf Kebir or the ancient Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel sites.

Activities- How Cool!

Cycling, Yoga, Nature Trails, Hiking, All Terrain Vehicles, Swimming Pool, Camel Riding / artclasses: Calligraphy, painting, philosophy

What they say, Why they are Green!

We take actions to: conserve water, reduce oil/gas carbon emissions, recycle wherever possible, use bio degradable cleaning agents, use reclamation building materials, use renewable natural furnishings, source food locally, offer local employment, instruct staff in green practices, mention green/eco issues on our Web site, Bed linens are made of 100% cotton, grown in Egypt; we offer water in glass bottles to avoid PET-waste and transportation (CO2) Clean village with school children.

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