Adventure Girl’s June Green Award Goes To…

Adventure Girl’s June Green Award Goes To…

Los Feliz Lodge

Los Feliz Lodge- Los Angeles, California

So…What about ‘um?

Who would’uv thunk it! In the heart of the Los Angeles Urban jungle would be a fabu retreat for green enthusiasts? Celebrities, musicians and the famous converge in this off-beat hipster local to get away from it all, yet maintain closeness to all things Hollyweird! Los Feliz Lodge provides warm, peaceful and intimate 1920’s detached Bungalows and larger Villas each with fully equipped kitchens, private baths, living rooms and outdoor space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – a perfect alternative to hotel and corporate housing. We are located in a quiet residential neighborhood, on the border of Los Feliz and Silver Lake, just 4 blocks from Sunset Boulevard/Vermont Metro Station. We have private, off-street parking and all the attractions of Los Angeles are within easy driving distance.

Activities- How Cool!

Nature Trails, Mountain Biking, Beaches, Walking

What they say, Why they are Green!

We take actions to: conserve water, install eco-friendly lighting, compost waste food, recycle wherever possible, use bio degradable cleaning agents, offer local employment, instruct staff in green practices, no VOC paint, skylites and skytubes installed to conserve energy, reused thrift/vintage furnishings, eco-conscious interior designer decorated each room, non toxic/biodegradable laundry and cleaning supplies and soaps, fans installed in room and windows open for fresh air.

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